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The Secret of Learning Excel Soon


The Secret of Learning Excel Soon

Excel might be easy for many but terms like DATA ANALYSIS using Advanced Excel, Pivot Tables, Dash Boards, VLookUp, HLookUp, Match, Concatenate, conditional formatting might scare many. One thing is for sure that Excel is very powerful tool and we cannot escape from it. Be it teachers, students, IT professionals, Finance people –everyone needs to learn the Magical tricks of Excel to make their work easy.

So, here are some of the ways you will help you begin with learning Excel. Now, you cannot learn Excel in an hour or a day, so, the key is breaking the learning process down into small manageable parts.

Make your way through these techniques, and it won’t be long before you’re contented with the basics and ready to jump on to learn the advanced excel. You can soon be the true spreadsheet master. Lot of excel tutorials and excel training classes are available online today. You just need to be determined to start.

The overview of excel

Let’s get started with excel basics

Excel has a big list of formulas that you can learn to automate your work. Here are few excel formulas you’ll need to master. They’re largely very simple, but it’s important that you’re familiar with them before moving on to tricky ones


Beginning with basic excel formulas

The first and most important thing to remember is that Excel formulas expect an equals sign first when you’re giving it a problem to work out. Type in = into a cell in your spreadsheet and then choose cell values that you want to add and press enter; =B1+B2+B3 will give sum of values in these three cells.

Using AutoSum

If you’re just getting started with Excel, you can speed up some predefined functions in tabs. First, enter any two numbers in cells that are next to one another. Next, select the cell directly below those cells and select Home > AutoSum.


This will automatically populate the selected cell with a SUM formula, so press enter to execute it. Excel will add the two numbers together and deliver the result in the specified cell — by using the AutoSum dropdown, you can choose different basic excel formulas, too like Average, Max, Min.

Applying Number Formats

Ever tried entering a number in Excel and converting it into currency? Well, that is possible as Excel is liable to contain different types of numbers; currency, dates, percentages, and more. Select the numbers you want to format. Look for the Number section at the top of the screen, and find the dropdown that defaults to General.

Concatenating values in two columns

Ever tried adding 2 cells together to form a new cell? Now, adding text is different from adding values. Adding text together is called Concatenation and the excel formula is = concatenate(cell1,cell2)

Creating a Chart

You can make a chart or a graph to present data beautifully. Excel can give you some pointers, but it’s important to be aware of what you want the chart to achieve. Creating a table is the first step as you need data much before creating graph


Build Your Excel Skills

You have taken the first step. Am sure you want to climb up to learn Advanced excel. Microsoft’s Office Support site is home to a bevy of clearly presented tutorials on everything from high-level usage to the simplest tasks you might want to carry out.

Alternatively, if you wish to learn from tutors online or offline ,there are lot of options available. You can check reviews of tutors online too.

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1 Comment

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