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Top 5 Personality Traits Employers Hire Most


Top 5 Personality Traits Employers Hire Most

An employer branding firm that annually surveys over 400,000 students and professionals worldwide on jobs-related issues, have concluded that employers are looking for these top five personality traits employers in job candidates in 2019. How’s how you can buckle up for competition?

  1. Professionalism

First-impression is the last impression. So be prepared to be evaluated by a recruiter or hiring manager within the first 30 seconds of meeting a candidate.

  1. High-energy

“A manager can read you the moment you walk in the door,” an experienced recruiter says; from the way you are dressed up to the way you stand to the grip of your first hand-shake, presenting yourself as a confident, energetic professional is as basic as career advice gets.

  1. Confidence

The most successful applicant is the one who has done her/his homework on the interviewer and company and is dressed to fit effortlessly into the culture of the workplace.

  1. Self-monitoring

To present yourself as a self-monitoring personality type, adjust resume language to call attention to work experience where you’ve worked independently or excelled without the guidance of direct leadership.

5 . Intellectual curiosity

Edit the “hobbies and interests” sections of their resumes from dance,music etc to curious to learn new technologies etc. In looking for intellectual curiosity employers are looking for two things. The ability to problem solve and the ongoing dedication to learning new technologies or solutions that will continue to advance in the changing workplace. Employers are asking themselves whether new hires will be with the company for the long term.

Last but not the least employers want to hire skilled people. So,prepare yourself well before to apply for a job. Be it be a Programming language or a database or data analysis ;you should skill up to the requirement.

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